Frequently Asked Questions


How do I download my files?

Once you have paid for your purchase, your files will be available to download from your account.

To get these, go to My Account > Downloads and click the “Download” button. A zip file will download to your computer which will contain your digital file.

How do I edit my invitation?

You will need Adobe Reader to edit your invitation. You can get it for free here:

Open Adobe Reader and then go to “File > Open” and find the downloaded file. Click on the sample text to edit and add your own text.

When editing my invitation, the font size goes too big, or too small…

You will need to edit your invitation in Adobe Reader. Editing in a different program (Preview on Mac for example) will cause this.
Download the PDF file again. Open Adobe Reader first, then open the file.

How do I resize my Invitation?

These invitations are set at A4 so they can be printed at any size.
To select a size, open Adobe Reader and go to File > Print. Click on the “Page Setup” button and select the print size from the “Paper Size” button.

How do I get a JPG file for print?

To convert your PDF to JPG, go to (use the “Excellent – 300dpi – Rich Illustrations, high quality JPG” under “JPG quality”). Once converted you can download the JPG file.

What if I am still having problems?

We are happy to help so drop us a line through our contact from and we will get back to you within 24 hours.